Values, Mission and Vision


Our Team

We endeavour to accord our team-members the dignity and respect they deserve, improving their quality of life by providing a positive culture in which to work.

We recognise their accomplishments and contribution by rewarding them fairly and by stimulating them to approach their work with commitment and enthusiasm.

All concerns raised will be treated fairly and properly. Anonymity will be respected unless agreed otherwise.

We will not tolerate the harassment/ or retribution of anyone raising a genuine concern. However, this assurance is not extended to anyone that maliciously raises a matter known to be untrue.

In return we expect our team-members’ loyalty and their adherence to our codes of practice and rules of behaviour.

In particular, we expect our team members to accept responsibility and strive to improve themselves and their team.

Together, we communicate honestly and openly.


The Customer is our primary business focus. Through our actions we endeavour to create a relationship of trust and mutuality in all our dealings.

Our priorities are threefold:

  • To treat our customer with respect at all times.
  • To provide a reliable, cost-efficient service tailored to his/her needs.
  • To provide high quality products and services.

Development and Innovation

Development and innovation are essential catalysts for our future success. We search for new products and services that will satisfy the comprehensive needs of our customers in both the present, and the future. In the process, we foster and encourage our team to express ideas and to challenge the status quo in an unrestricted but responsible manner.

Meeting our Objectives

We are a result-oriented Group of Companies, encouraging high expectations of business performance at every level, setting realistic goals for Island Oil (Holdings) Ltd and meeting our obligations to our employees, business partners, and to society. We operate Island Oil (Holdings) Ltd on a sound financial basis of sustainable growth that benefits not just the company, but the world too. We encourage the principles of personal accountability so that targets are met wherever they are agreed and set.

Click here to read our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics for Business Associates.


Our Mission is to operate efficiently in the energy and shipping sectors, aiming for excellency in the quality of the services that we offer, and adding value to our stakeholders and society in an ethical, innovative, and sustainable manner.


To be among the most dependable energy and shipping services providers in the world, continuing to grow in a sustainable and ethical manner.

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