The Company
Company Values

The Customer
The Customer is our primary business focus. Through our actions we will endeavour to create a relationship of trust and mutuality in all our dealings.

Our priorities are threefold:

  • to treat our customers with respect at all times
  • to provide a reliable, cost efficient service tailored to their needs to provide high quality products and services
  • to provide high quality products and services

The Team
We will endeavour at all times to accord our team of professionals the dignity and respect they deserve, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives by providing a positive culture in which to work.


We will recognize their accomplishments and contribution by rewarding them fairly and by stimulating them to approach their work with commitment and enthusiasm. In return we expect our people's loyalty and their adherence to our codes of practice and rules of behaviour. In particular we expect our people to accept responsibility and strive to improve team productivity. Together we will communicate honestly and openly.

Development and Innovation
Development and innovation are essential catalysts for our future success. We search for new products and services that will satisfy the comprehensive needs of our customers, thus drawing closer to the concept of one-stop shopping. In the process, we foster and encourage our people to express ideas and to challenge the status quo in an unrestricted but responsible manner.



To be the leading marine fuels supplier in the Eastern Mediterranean and in other strategic areas of our choice, distinctive in the quality of our services and the preferred supplier to the industry.



Our passion is to create the desire amongst all our people to make changes in the pattern of their behaviour to ensure that our Mission Statement is acted upon.




Our Mission is to supply bunkers, lubricants and other auxiliary products and services to the shipping industry.