The Company
Company Values

Business Ethics

  • Further to the main policies and objectives the Company confirms its adherence to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 including the following:
  • Render equitable and faithful performance to each of its customers
  • Advise customers of any conflict of interest subject to all relevant provisions of the Management Agreement.
  • Respect the confidentiality of each customer's business and activities
  • Advice the customer whenever possible of any potential dangerous or other unacceptable situation which will include information regarding potential environmental impacts arising out of the operation of the ship.
  • Will not consciously participate in activities or practice which are known to be unsafe or illegal and will not commit itself to carry out business for a customer when the service to be provided may be used for illegal activities, including fraud, money-laundering, bribery and blackmail.
  • Adhere to sound principles with respect to the management of funds and cash at all times.
  • Create and maintain awareness of the importance of fulfilling each customer’s requirements, while adhering to the law and any sanctions per UN and/or EU guidelines.

Core Values

The Customer
The Customer is our primary business focus. Through our actions we will endeavour to create a relationship of trust and mutuality in all our dealings.

Our priorities are threefold:

  • to treat our customers with respect at all times
  • to provide a reliable, cost efficient service tailored to their needs to provide high quality products and services
  • to provide high quality products and services

The Team

  • We will endeavour at all times to accord our team of professionals the dignity and respect they deserve, enabling them to improve the quality of their lives by providing a positive culture in which to work.
  • We will recognize their accomplishments and contribution by rewarding them fairly and by stimulating them to approach their work with commitment and enthusiasm.
  • In return we expect loyalty from our team and their adherence to company codes of practice and rules. In particular, we expect our team to accept responsibility and strive to improve team productivity. Together we will communicate honestly and openly.

  • Development and Innovation
    Development and innovation are essential catalysts for our future success. We search for new markets and services that will satisfy the comprehensive needs of our customers, thus drawing closer to the concept of one-stop shop. In the process, we foster and encourage our team to express ideas and to challenge the status quo in an unrestricted yet responsible manner.




    Meeting our Business Objectives

    We are a results orientated company, encouraging high expectations of business performance at every level, setting realistic goals for Island Oil (Holdings) Ltd and meeting our financial obligations to our employees, business partners and to society. We operate Island Oil (Holdings) Ltd on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, thus increasing responsibility and value for our shareholders and creating career opportunities for our people. We encourage the principles of personal accountability so that targets are met wherever they are agreed and set, especially at corporate level.